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Whilst the coaches were built in 1966, they have survived privatisation and 11 are still in service today with the West Coast Railway Company operating charter trains and rail tours.

The three kits, each contain two coaches, cover all three types of MK 2 Pullman – First Kitchen, Brake and Parlour. The purchase of the three kits will allow for an authentic train to be created out of 6 vehicles, which can be lengthened by the addition of further Parlour Car kits.

The kits feature etched brass replacement sides for the original Hornby MK 2 coach (not the later Airfix/Dapol/Hornby MK 2d). The Hornby MK 2 coach provides the correct style ends, and the minimum amount of underframe equipment that will need to be modified. The conversion kit also includes realistic underframe equipment, roof details and the inward opening doors. Detailed instructions, including diagrams and background history complete the kit.

CK2304 MK 2 Pullman - Kitchen/BrakeCK2304 MK 2 Pullman - Kitchen/Brake
CK2305 MK 2 Pullman - Kitchen/ParlourCK2305 MK 2 Pullman - Kitchen/Parlour
CK2306 MK 2 Pullman - Parlour/Parlour

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